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6 Years Ago Today

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Six years ago today I put my first project out into the world. It was one of the longest processes for my personal journey. I had released songs periodically but never a full project. I started working on the official project my freshmen/sophomore year of college and did not finish it until the beginning of my junior year. Now mind you it took me six years to graduate college because I was working and also trying to build a music career. I still look back at that time and wonder if college was the best move for me, or if I should of pursued music full time. But truthfully at the time I thought becoming “famous” or a “star” would be much easier then it actually is. I believed talent was enough. For those of us who pursue the arts we know that is not always the case. A month ago I released by second project after six years of self-doubt, but I still had to start over. I had to learn new skills and I had to start looking at music as a business. During these 6 years I took two to work on the new project and the four years to start learning audio engineering, production, and business. I was bitter and mad but I was determined to move forward. For the God’s Gift EP I connected with a producer from Kazakhstan via the Internet. Reflecting on the process I find it funny that I had to go half way around the world because no one believed in me next door. I am sharing this with you because today is my personally anniversary of not allowing myself to feel defeated. Continue my friends to keep moving forward and strive for your future. The only time we have is now. So let us all break our inner turmoil and move forward. Happy Broken Silence Day.


- Cahlaj The PoetMc